Educational resources

Interview with Professor Fiona Watt:

"Skin Stem Cells: Biology and Promise for Regenerative Medicine" by Professor Elaine Fuchs:

"Tapping the Potential of Adult Skin Stem Cells" by Professor Elaine Fuchs:

"Cancer: Hijacking the Wound Repair Mechanisms Used by Stem Cells" by Professor Elaine Fuchs:

"Epithelial homeostasis: Cell division" by Professor Jody Rosenblatt:

"Epithelial Apoptosis: Death by epithelial cell extrusion" by Professor Jody Rosenblatt:

"Pathologies resulting from aberrant epithelial extrusion" by Professor Jody Rosenblatt:

"Control of Cell Growth in Animal Development: Regulation of Cell Size" by Professor Martin Raff:

"Control of Cell Growth in Animal Development: Cell Number Control" by Professor Martin Raff:

"A Historical Perspective on Cell Cycle Regulation" by Professor Helen Piwnica-Worms:

"Translating Cell Cycle Principles to Targeted Cancer Therapies" by Professor Helen Piwnica-Worms:

"Stochasticity and Cell Fate" by Professor Richard Losick:

"Asymmetric Cell Division: From Drosophila to Humans" by Professor Jurgen Knoblich:

"From Egg to Worm: How to Create a Body Axis" by Professor Geraldine Seydoux:

"How to Polarize the Cytoplasm" by Professor Geraldine Seydoux:

"Half the secret of the cell is outside of the cell" by Professor Mina Bissell:

"Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer" by Professor Mary Beckerle:

"Discovery and Characterization of Zyxin" by Professor Mary Beckerle:

"Focal Adhesions as Stress Sensors" by Professor Mary Beckerle:

"Protein Polymers, Crawling Cells and Comet Tails" by Professor Julie Theriot:

"Mechanics and Dynamics of Rapid Cell Motility" by Professor Julie Theriot:

"Evolution of a Dynamic Cytoskeleton" by Professor Julie Theriot:

"How does complexity arise from molecular interactions?" by Professor Anthony Hyman:

"Building a polymer: microtubule dynamics" by Professor Anthony Hyman:

"Formation and duplication of centrioles" by Professor Anthony Hyman:

"Formation of P granules" by Professor Anthony Hyman: 

"Protein Folding inside the Crowded Cytoplasm" by Professor Susan Lindquist:

"Cellular Structures: Studying Physical Mechanisms of Cell Organization on Micron Length Scales" by Professor Michael Rosen:

"Ten Craziest Things Cells Do" by Professor Wallace Marshall