"Stitch 'n Stem":

Our lab is currently participating in the project "Stitch 'n Stem" directed by the public engagement officer Jessica Sells at CSCRM. This project is a collaborative interdisciplinary workshop using embroidery to learn about stem cell research, while recreating the 1940's crafting "stitch 'n bitch" discussion groups with a stem cell theme (https://twitter.com/kingsmedicine/status/998922790614065154). Our target audience includes local communities, school pupils, visitors, and patients of Guy's Hospital. We provide light microscopy images of epithelial stem cells and various cellular structures which have been generated from our research. Computer graphics experts at King's digitize the images to generate embroidery templates, which is then followed by a tutorial on how to embroider, delivered by the popular fashion brand Wool and The Gang (in collaboration with DMC embroidery). We then join the embroidery session to give explanations of the images: i.e. what they are, how they were generated, and what they mean in the field of stem cell research in terms of how research outcomes will impact the public. During such sessions, we discuss our research and its directions in order to hear the opinion and thoughts of attendees and, where possible, include them in the planning of future projects.